For Medicare

Pharmacy Card

  • Everyone gets a card for FREE.
  • Available to your care giver and family.

Mail Order Plan

  • Our card can save you 100’s, even 1,000’s monthly especially if you are in the donut hole.
  • Our family plan covers both spouses.
  • Spouses are covered whether they are 65 or not.
  • In 20 years of business, our members love the fact that we have not increased their monthly fee.
  • Over 52,000 USFDA approved drugs are covered at our network pharmacy.
  • Over 30,000 approved USFDA drugs thru our mail order provider.


  • Medicare is not always the cheapest way to buy your prescription.
  • The centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) states that if you have a Part D Prescription plan, you still have a choice. The CMS says that a Medicare beneficiary has a right to purchase a drug outside of a prescription drug plan at their discretion.
  • Medicare is supposed to make your prescription drugs affordable.
  • Medicare does not cover all your prescription drug cost.
  • Donut hole.
  • Some drugs are simply expensive.
  • Most Medicare Part D have a formulary limited to about 3,000 coded drugs out of 52,000 available coded drugs. Most drugs are not covered.
  • Rates change every year.
  • What is confusing to a consumer with Medicare is that CMS's rules also require a pharmacist to automatically use your drug Part D insurance unless you specifically say not to. When you ask the pharmacist for our price using your Pharmacy Card, not only will they give you our discounted price but if there were any “secret” discounts from the drugstore, they must tell you and charge you the cheaper of the two.
  • Remember, only using your Part D card, CMS instruct pharmacist NOT to tell you about any sales or discounts they are having.