FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We live in a global economy…

Why should you pay more than consumers pay in other countries?

Liberty prices is you answer!

Liberty Benefits is one of the pioneers in the field of Consumer Driven Health Plans and has been in business since 1999. Liberty developed a membership-based prescription cards due to the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs that are unaffordable and stretching a family’s budget. LibertyRx offers 2 easy ways to save, the LibertyRx Pharmacy Card and the LibertyRx Mail Order Plan. Our 200,000+ satisfied cardholders have been saving hundreds even thousands of dollars annually. Liberty is dedicated to saving its members money. In the last 20 years we have averaged an 80% retention rate, which is proof to us that we save our cardholder’s lots of money.

LibertyRx Pharmacy Card

Over 3000 generic drugs that our LibertyRx Pharmacy Card can save you up to 85%. The more expenses generics and brand name drugs savings will vary based on the pharmacy that fills your script. Go to LibertyRxCard.com and click on the “DRUG SEARCH” link and look up your drug prices before you ever go to the pharmacy.

Once you have enrolled for a LibertyRx Pharmacy Card, you and your family including your pets can save money.

Save BIG on these drugs:
Generics Amlodipine Losartan Zoloft Zoloft Sildenafil Atorvastatin
LibertyRx Free $7.24 $8.08 $9.32 $9.35 $30.26 $9.16
Cash Price $44.00 $39.00 $114.00 $27.00 $81.00 $34.00
Savings $36.75 $30.92 $104.68 $17.65 $50.74 $24.84
% 84% 79% 92% 65% 63% 73%

The LibertyRx Pharmacy Card offers up large savings on all USFDA approve drugs at over 98% of all US Pharmacies.

Our network provider with their huge buying power allows LibertyRx Pharmacy Card to offer pre-negotiated pricing that allows you to save on over 52,000 approved USFDA Drugs.


Present your LibertyRx Pharmacy Card and your prescription(s) at a local network pharmacy with your payment.

The card is accepted at over 98% of US Pharmacies located throughout the United States. The network includes pharmacy chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies throughout the country. Going to our web site LibertyRxCard.com and click on Pharmacy Locator. If a neighborhood pharmacy is not already participating in our network, please have them call us. We will send them information about how they can participate in the network so that you can take advantage of the savings as soon as possible.

You can begin using your LibertyRx Pharmacy Card at any of the local network pharmacies as soon as you print off the card.

The LibertyRx card is NOT Insurance.

The LibertyRx Pharmacy Card is a savings discount card. Our network provider with their huge buying power allows LibertyRx Pharmacy Card to offer pre-negotiated pricing that allows you to save on over 52,000 approved USFDA Drugs.

It’s all about the power of community! When people join to purchase in large quantities, everyone SAVES! LibertyRx, the provider of the prescription discount card, covers thousands of people and leverages the power of group purchasing to negotiate these discounts on behalf of our cardholders. Just go to LibertyRxCard.com – Drug Search, for help looking up drug pricing at your local pharmacy. The drug pricing tool on our website is incredibly easy to use, helps you price compare and tells you which pharmacy has the cheap price for your prescriptions.

The pharmacies agree to let our cardholders get discount pricing (just like they do already for insurance customers) because they want our business. They not only give our cardholders fantastic discounts, but they also pay us a small transaction fee each time we process a prescription through our network. This allows us to continue to operate, grow and SAVE our cardholder money! For the first time the individual consumer gets access to pricing typically reserved for the largest insurance companies.

LibertyRx Mail Order (Single/Family plans)

No! You will need to upgrade to an LibertyRx Mail Order plan.

No, LibertyRx is Not an On-line Pharmacy

To order from LibertyRx, you must be under a doctor care, have a legal doctor prescription, it must be for your personal use, can not be for more than 90 days (3 months) and cannot be a controlled substance (C2 is a narcotic drug)

Our free refill reminder service for Liberty Mail Order will contact you by phone, mail or email before you run out of your medications. If you are not set up on re-fill notification, it will be your responsibility to re-order within 30 days before you need your medicine.

As soon as you sign up for an LibertyRx Mail Order, you will receive an email confirmation. Then you can order.

You will need to do 3 things:

  1. Submit the LibertyRx Mail Order form with your first order
  2. You or your doctor’s office scan, email, or fax a copy of your prescription.
  3. Submit payment.

LibertyRx Mail Order will process your order and you should receive delivery in 10-14 business days. Due to COVID, please talk to one of our customer service representatives for updated estimates on delivery times.

Once enrolled, you will receive an email with instructions on how to order.

You can scan, email to: mailorder@LibertyRxCard.com or fax (877) 515-5552

When LibertyRx MO receives from you:

  1. Your Liberty Mail Order Form (only with first order).
  2. Copy of your doctor’s prescription.
  3. Have processed your payment method

Your order will be delivered in approximately 10 to 14 business days.

LibertyRx Mail Order Customer service will walk you through the simple and easy process. You can reach LibertyRx Mail Order Customer Service during working hours for any and all questions. Their (800) 265-7068 number is on the card.

You will call the 800-number printed on you card and Liberty Mail Order personnel will assist you in processing your order. You will need to complete & fax a copy of the Home Delivery Order Form the first time you order, with a copy of your prescription(s) and payment by e-check or debt card.

The law states a prescription is active for 12 months (1 year) allowing you to order 1, 2 or a maximum of 3-month supply and re-fill every 3 months of your prescription (s) for personal use thru the LibertyRx Mail Order.

No, only through our pharmacy walk-in network pharmacies using our LibertyRx Pharmacy Card.

To keep our prices as low as possible and give you the most generous savings, we accept e-check or a debit card. Liberty Mail Order personnel will help instruct you.

There is a small minimum charge per order.

General - Applies to all Cards & Plans

Available for spouses and legal dependents up to the age of 26. The person that enrolls for the LibertyRx Pharmacy Card is immediately active to use their card. Spouse and dependents can be activated by going to the member's My Account and adding them as a dependant. A spouse and dependents name must be activated in the system when a prescription is given to a pharmacy to be filled.

Yes. A medical practitioner must have prescribed all the medications ordered. To provide your prescription(s), either send or fax a copy of the original prescription, or you can send a copy/picture of the pill bottle’s label or send your detailed pharmacy receipt/invoice.

All the drugs are from USFDA approved pharmacies. Generic medications are just as safe and effective as their brand-name equivalents. Due to USFDA regulations, generic medications have ingredients as the original patent approved brand name drug but may have different fillers and may react differently in your body than the brand-named drug. Usually these generics are manufactured by a different company.

Always present your LibertyRx Card with the insurance card and ask the pharmacist to show you the drug cost for each card. If your prescribed drug is not on the insurance company’s formulary, your co-pay goes away, and Liberty saves the day. If you have co-pays, sometimes the co-pay is more than Liberty’s card price. If you can buy your prescriptions for 90 days rather than 30, check your co-pays (90-day supply) against the LibertyRx Mail Order pricing online. Some insurance plans won’t cover 90-day prescriptions, but Liberty Mail Order saves you significant money on 90-day prescriptions.

The LibertyRx Pharmacy card and LibertyRx Mail Order plans are compatible with all Medicare D plans or Advantage plans. Just compare your prescription price with our simple, easy to use look up pricing Drug Search and if they are less expensive then order from us. You can have both plans without any challenges.

Go to LibertyRxCard.com and click on Find Drug Prices. Use our simple look up LINK on your computer, I-Pad or phone and see the LibertyRx Pharmacy Card and the LibertyRx Mail Order CARD prices all in one search. YOU WILL SEE THE WOW FACTOR!!!

You can Submit A Rx Request to our customer service department your prescription name and dosage you need. Within 2 business days, we will either email you back or call you with the pricing.

LibertyRx Mail Order has not raised existing members monthly rate in 20 years nor do we in the near future anticipate any increases. Members & spouses over 65 needs only one card to order their meds.