Michael Anthony Moran
Blue Water Insurance Group dba: Wilde Insurance Services

I usually buy 4 Viagra tablets a month at CVS for $308. With LibertyRx I got 24 tablets for $71 & saved $1300 RVG.

Patrick K. Patrick K. - Indianapolis, IN

Every year I must replace 3 Epipens that expire for my daughter. (2 for home & 1 school) At the pharmacy it cost me for 2pk of Epipens $633. Now with Liberty I’m paying $308 for 3 Epipens, a $634 Savings.

Linda S. Linda S. - Austin Texas

For my enlarged prostrate, my doctor prescribed Rapaflo (30 Tabs 8 mg) at a cost of $194 at my local pharmacy. LibertyRx 90 tabs $75 savings me $1668.

Noel N. Noel N. - Tampa Florida